Tastes of the Night

Bangkok Night Lights by Tuk Tuk

The tuk tuk, named after the sound made by its two-cycle engine, is a fast and efficient way to travel in congested areas where they can weave around stationary cars. Their flashing onboard lights and ornate Thai metalwork also add to the excitement. Our program is suitable for a minimum of two to ten people, taking guests on an eye-opening tour of Bangkok’s famed sights. With less traffic and cooler temperatures, there is no better way to explore Bangkok than by tuk tuk at night.

Often overlooked at night, the capital’s magnificent temples take on a whole new perspective as we approach by moonlight.  While most visitors to Bangkok visit Wat Pho during the day, a nighttime visit offers a unique, less-crowded experience; the Recycling Buddha itself will be closed, but the quiet atmosphere in the grounds and the four illuminated great stupas offer unforgettable scenery.

Discover Bangkok’s famous flower market at night, when vendors set up their stalls with fresh flowers and vegetables and enjoy a dessert in the secret location. Stop to sample a selection of scrumptious street-side food stalls at a local market followed by a small dinner at a local restaurant.

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A Taste of Siem Reap by Remork

Khmer cuisine is one of the true pleasures of any visit to Cambodia, with the food scene enjoying a real renaissance in recent years. Local and international chefs are expressing their talents at exciting new venues across Siem Reap, but with only a few nights to spare visitors often do not have the time to experience a range of eateries.

To solve this conundrum, our Taste of Siem Reap – Remork Dine Around tour offers guests the chance to experience some of the best culinary experiences Siem Reap has to offer; exploring artists ateliers, community-based restaurants, creative fusion, and the best soufflé Amok in town!

Lasting approximately three hours, with 45 minutes spent at each restaurant, this tour includes a welcome drink at Theam’s House; a starter and one drink at Mie Café; main course and one drink at The Sugar Palm; plus a dessert and one drink at Marum.

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Secret Cocktail Experience in Hoi An

Sample unique cocktails in unexpected locations and century-old spaces on this evening adventure through the ancient alleyways of Hoi An.

Venues change regularly and only the meeting point in Old Town is revealed. At each stop, discover one of the five curated cocktails made exclusively for this tour, or try your hand at making your own. Taste buds will also be teased by local flavours and spices paired with simple yet delicious snacks.

During the short walks between locales and tasting sessions, learn local tales from our knowledgeable English-speaking “chủ nhà” or host and explore the history of the Vietnamese’s relationships with the French, Japanese and Chinese merchants who came to trade in the city.

Please note, participants must be 21 years and older.

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Good Evening Kowloon

Gritty and traditional, but also a mirror of contemporary Hong Kong, the Kowloon heartlands of Yau Ma Tei and Jordan are at their buzzing, idiosyncratic best as night falls.

On this evening tour, visit a century-old fruit market for a blend of hilarious urban tales and exotic fruits. Soak in the sights and sounds at Temple Street Market before sashaying into an old-school singing parlour that only lives on in this part of town – in between enjoying a local dinner, of course.

A fortune teller located under a banyan tree also presents guests with an optional opportunity to have their fortune told before capping the night off with more local food delights

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Kuala Lumpur’s Suburban Night Markets by Bicycle

Beyond Kuala Lumpur’s glitzy malls are its rustic night markets full of food and culture. From palm-sized steamed buns to salt-baked BBQ crab, dining options multiply by leaps and bounds after leaving its central hub.

On this evening cycling tour, experience the sights, sounds and smells of the other side of the capital city at a local night market tucked in a suburban neighbourhood. Open every Friday and Sunday evening, this local night market is famous for its regular food haunts and joints, with its vendors operating since 1992.

Our English-speaking guide is on hand to connect guests with the locals and explain the origins of the neighbourhood, its past, present and future development, and recommend some of the famous food stalls and snacks that a favoured by the locals, of course.

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