Under the Waves

A Wild World in the Myeik Archipelago

Located in the Andaman Sea off the southern tip of Myanmar is Wa Ale Resort, a privately owned eco-tourism project on the 36 sq km island of Wa Ale in the Lampi Marine National Park, a designated ASEAN Marine Heritage Park. The resort is quite unique as it is found on Turtle beach, a protected nesting area where sea turtles lay their eggs year round.

From the base of Wa Ale, guests can enter the sea to enjoy a wide selection of immersive activities, including snorkeling and diving to admire the colorful corals and intriguing fish. Watch in awe as the flamboyant Lionfish, a shoal of Scorpionfish or Stonefish swim past. Keep an eye out for the more elusive sea turtles, rays and even sharks that also call this place home.

Lampi Marine National Park offers the chance to sight a dazzlingly diverse range of wildlife; where land animals such as monitor lizards, pythons, civet cats, gibbons, macaques and the near extinct pangolin. Visitors can also enjoy canoeing through the mangroves, or hiking in the jungle to see birds, small mammals and reptiles.

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