Getting Active in Asia: Winter Sports

Colorful Time For Skiing in Japan

Did skiing originate from Asia? Quite possibly, if you refer to one of the oldest documents on skiing that dates back to the Tang dynasty in China (AD 7-10C). It details humans wearing short ski boards, which developed into the ‘long flat board’ more commonly seen today. And this is exactly what we offer visitors heading to Japan for some of the region’s best powder snow!

The beautiful Sakura season is not just a time for picnics under the trees drinking Sake, but also prime time for skiing in Japan. Enjoy the beautiful contrast of colors as the pearly white snow outlines candescent pink flowers. Located a 75 minute bullet train ride from Tokyo is the Gala Yuzawa Snow resort, a destination famous for winter sports. The scenery dramatically changes as the bullet train reappears from an underground tunnel that transcends the border between the Kanto area (Pacific Ocean side) and the Tohoku area (Sea of Japan). As the resort is directly connected to the train platform, there is no time wasted with a transfer – and all equipment is available at the resort. The resort is located in northwest Japan, in Niigata prefecture. Don’t miss the famous local Sake and hot springs that complement skiing so well.

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