Family Activities: Young Adults (18-22 years)

Thai Boxing Match in Bangkok

Thai Boxing is the national sport of Thailand, handed down through the generations. Its origin dates back several hundred years, and was essentially developed as a form of close-combat. Its style is unique in which combatants use elbows, knees and bare feet as well as gloved fists. Visit the world famous Ratchadamnern stadium in Central Bangkok – the pulsating heart and soul of Thai Boxing where legends are made and spectators gamble on favorite fighters, cheering them on from the stands during their fight.

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Chiang Mai by Segway

Experience Chiang Mai from the comfortable vantage point of a Segway in a unique and fun way to explore the former capital of the Lanna Kingdom. Glide through the streets and quiet lanes of Chiang Mai’s delightful old town district and discover historic temples, famous landmarks and local markets. Each group is accompanied by two guides who will keep you safe and educate you about Chiang Mai and its history.

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Inle Lake Kayaking Experience

Jump in a long tail boat and speed across Inle Lake to a beautiful old teak house where the kayaks are stored. From the quiet village of Inn Paw Khone we start paddling gently south through tranquil stilt villages and floating tomato gardens, all against a backdrop of the beautiful Shan Mountains. Every now and then we will stop, perhaps to visit a house or to walk in a village and learn more about their lifestyle. After two hours we return to the long-tail boat and head back to Nampan where a fabulous traditional Shan lunch will have been prepared.

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MacRitchie Tree Top Walk in Singapore

An 11 km nature trail loop (MacRitchie Trails) which leads you to the famous TreeTop Walk – a 250m aerial-free long suspension bridge between the two highest points in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (MacRitchie). The suspension bridge, which is the iconic attraction of the tree top walk, is perfect for a tranquil enjoyment of the breath-taking scenic view. Along the trail, catch close encounters with creatures of the forest including Clouded monitor lizards, Plantain Squirrel and long-tailed macaque monkeys – it’s a great way to spend the afternoon with your family.

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MariCAR Tour in Tokyo

A superb activity for anyone aged 18 and above. Cosplay as Mario, Pikachu, Spiderman, Princess and many other characters from MariCAR as you take your go-kart for a spin through the streets of Tokyo. We can even add nitro to your experience by throwing in some Go-Pro’s! City tours really don’t get more memorable than this. Let’s-a go!

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