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Sound Healing at Pyramids of Chi

Are your clients looking to escape the norm as they heal with holistic values? Sound healing works on the principle that everything is vibration. Essentially the difference between a piece of wood or steel is the vibrational pattern it is performing. As demonstrated by the work of Dr Emoto, who exposed water to emotional influence and observed the patterns created at the molecular level, emotions are also vibration.

At the Pyramids of Chi, the rhythm, beats and vibrations of the gongs, drums and didgeridoo in combination with natural herb scents and the peaceful atmosphere reduce ‘beta-wave’ brain waves that dominate conscious thought. This in turn aids deep relaxation and increased awareness of inner-self.

There has been much research into the benefits of meditation on blood pressure and other stress related conditions. Many visitors tell of the most relaxed sleep patterns for the following nights after a session. It is seen almost daily how visitors are returning to the Pyramids for another session. A visit is often not a one off experience, but one that awakens an urge to come again.

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Spa Music Workshop in Ubud

Gus Teja World Music in Ubud is world famous – and holds legendary status in Indonesia. If you ever visited an Indonesian Spa, there is a very high chance you were listening to their music. The team behind Gus Teja is now offering workshops in Ubud, conducted by Gus Teja himself. Visitors can now learn how to master the Suling and other instruments to replicate their sound.

Suling is a traditional Balinese wind instrument, which has a hole as a sound source and 6 holes to regulate tone. Producing a melodious tone, it is suitable for tranquility therapy or meditation. Therefore, in connection with Gus Teja World Music and using flutes as the main spirit, the team is opening a workshop for visitors to learn how to play flute and bamboo instruments. The workshop will be taught by Gus Teja and bamboo instrument specialists from Gus Teja World Music.

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