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Classic modes of transport that make it more than just a journey

Ayutthaya_tuktukTuk Tuks & Songtaew in Thailand

A songtaew is only really found in Chiang Mai and is basically a red van with two benches in the back of it. The word itself “songtaew” means two rows of benches and it is great way to get about the city of Chiang Mai. Just jump on the back of it and ring the bell when you want to get off. Most visitors to Thailand are familiar with the Thai tuk-tuk found in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. But travel to other regions of Thailand and you’ll see that not every tuk-tuk adheres to this standard design. The classic ‘tuk-tuk hua kop‘ (‘tuk-tuk with a frog’s head’) has been turning heads for decades. Imported into Thailand in the late 1950s, these quirky vehicles were originally used in provinces throughout Thailand before being replaced with today’s tuk-tuks. However, these vintage vehicles still ply the roads in some provinces including Trang and Ayutthaya.

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Trishaw HR SG_700x480Singaporean Trishaw Peddle Power

A trishaw (also known as a cycle-rickshaw or pedicab) is a bicycle with a sidecar, powered entirely by the cyclist. Often seen today in Singapore, the trishaw has not always been so popular, suffering a decline in use from the mid-1950s onwards following a bright introduction in 1914. The first trishaws had chairs bolted to tricycle frames, fortunately they have evolved since then and are more inviting to travel around the city in.

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Andong_Indonesia700x480Andong Rides in Indonesia

An andong, or delman as they are also known by, is a traditional vehicle and type of ground transportation traditionally used in Java, Indonesia. It is commonly used to transport people and the most common way to move an andong is to pull it using a horse. A horse drawn andong can transport up to five people at a time and remains a popular means of public transport particularly in the area of Java. They are perhaps the only traditional means of truly traditional transportation left in Jakarta and like other short private hire rides, the fare is bargained and settled ahead of time.

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