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Adaptable, fun and easy on just two wheels

Ride a Harley_KL_700x480Roaring Roadster in KL

What better way to explore the bright lights of Kuala Lumpur city and its magnificent heritage architecture than by riding pillion in a roaring roadster – and not just any roadster, a Harley Davidson motorcycle! Cruise past iconic city buildings in style and see landmarks such as the King’s Palace, National Monuments, Lake Gardens, Old Railway Station, Independence Square and Kula Lumpur City Centre from the open air arena of your roadster. An excellent activity for those seeking a touch of adventure in the city.

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Vietnam Vespa_700x480Hoi An on a Vespa

The ubiquitous Vespa is undoubtedly a means of transportation engraved in the psyche of Vietnam. This two wheeled wonder is an iconic symbol known worldwide – with a vast and loyal following in Vietnam. Visitors can hire their own or jump on the back of one of these scooters with a driver who will zip past many of the regions stunning architectural accomplishments and landscapes. Hoi An is the ideal place to explore on a scooter, its wide streets allowing plenty of room to manouvre while its nearby open countryside is another world to explore. Guests set off from Café Zoom in Hoi An before boarding a local river ferry when we head into the morning melee of Cam Kim island’s fishing port. Stops are made at an Ancestral House and a traditional boat builder’s yard before we explore the sleepy island villages.

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Green E-bike in Cambodia_300x206E-bikes through Angkor

Green e-bikes are an eco-friendly way to explore the magnificent Temples of Angkor in Cambodia. The electric bikes run on batteries, allowing visitors to effortlessly explore Angkor while stretching their legs without causing pollution or creating excess noise. The design is very simple, combining the technology of a bicycle with the comfort of an electric vehicle. In addition to pedals, a drive chain and hand brakes, a small electric engine in the hub of the back wheel is powered by a rechargeable battery hidden under the seat. The e-bike is a very simple and efficient electric bicycle, requiring nothing more than the ability to ride a bicycle.

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China-Sidecar700x480Sidecar in Shanghai

Shanghai is steeped in a compelling, creative and colorful artistic history. With a local expert at the wheel of a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar motorbike, guests jump into the snug sidecar and admire the surroundings of the city on a vintage adventure. The Chang Jiang 750 was one of the first mass-produced vehicles in China, winning respect from many Chinese soldiers and farmers. The average speed of our tour is 25km/h, making the sidecars a unique and perfect mode of time travel to explore the city.

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