World’s First Biodegradable Coffee Mask Made Available for Future Clients

Destination Asia Vietnam has teamed up with AirX, the creators of the world’s first face mask made from coffee, to sell to clients upon their arrival in Vietnam if required.

The disposal of face masks and medical waste during the COVID-19 pandemic is putting increasing pressure on the environment. To tackle this problem, AirX launched the world’s first-ever mask made from Vietnamese coffee, which is antibacterial, reusable, and biodegradable. 

AirX face masks are antimicrobial with 99.99% dual antibacterial technology for two layers of protection. The first layer is woven from coffee yarn using PowerKnit technology, providing a comfortable fit and softness for sensitive skin. The mask is washable with a biodegradable filter inside. Developed using silver nanotechnology and coffee, the filter can be replaced after 30 days. AirX also has a natural coffee aroma that can enhance the mood of its users, while offering UV protection with fashionable designs in stylish colours.

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