Developing the Destination Asia Video Suite

The Destination Asia Video Suite was developed to provide our partners with a unique advantage when competing for new business. The selection of 4K and HD videos make use of the latest camera technology and add a competitive edge to proposals and marketing collateral. Our unique collection of over 100 video clips reveals our destinations as never seen before. They also make useful training tools to introduce a country; and help to refresh on the visual aspects of those destinations we work in.

The videos are a result of teams on the ground, in the air, on boats, flying drones, and climbing mountains to capture the best possible viewpoints. Enjoy our preview video on this page. The complete video suite is available to existing partners through our Agent Hub. If you would like to apply for user access to our Agent Hub, please send an email using the link below.

Click here to experience local life in Ha Giang, Northern Vietnam.

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