CSR Pledge with R.O.L.E Foundation in Bali

Asia Talk-Image-Indonesia CSRRivers, Oceans, Lands, Ecology (R.O.L.E.) Foundation is a not-for-profit humanitarian organization based in Bali, whose aims are to promote environmental awareness and empower women. Destination Asia Indonesia supports this excellent cause as an educational partner for the foundation. The Women’s Skills Education Program offers a free community centre providing classes in literacy, English language, basic life and work skills, and vocational skills to local women in need, allowing them to gain employment opportunities and achieve a sustainable income. The R.O.L.E Foundation has already helped 843 women through the graduation and employment process.

Destination Asia Indonesia, as part of a wider Destination Asia CSR pledge, is sponsoring five students each year from families that cannot afford to enter them into college education. A dedicated half-day program allows travelers to Bali to interact with the students, exchange knowledge and ideas, and pass on basic computer skills to help build them a brighter future.

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