The Flooded Forests of Tonle Sap Lake

Asia Talk-cambodia_Tonle Sap LakeBetween the rainy months of August and November in Cambodia, the monumental Tonle Sap Lake swells into one of Asia’s largest freshwater lakes. Within days the land becomes a world of water, treetops poke above the lake’s surface and houses appear to float. This is the ideal time to enjoy a boat ride across the flooded forests, peering over the edge into an underwater world. Under the cover of early morning twilight, we row to Kampong Phluk Village where locals are prepared for the annual floods, building their houses on 30 foot stilts to keep them out of harm’s way.

Kayaking to explore the hidden beauty of Tonlé Sap Lake is always a memorable experience. Visitors can admire the spectacular landscape around the lake from a unique angle, viewing floating villages, beautiful rice paddies, a flooded forest and array of bird species. As the sun sets we return to shore to complete our half-day kayaking adventure.

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