Artist Designed Rooms Open in Tokyo

In an innovative and sideways thinking project, The Park Hotel Tokyo has invited artists to transform a number of its standard guest rooms into Artist Rooms, encapsulating their creators’ passions and views of the world. Eleven rooms have been converted as the artists paint the walls and decorate following their experiences in the hotel.

The Park Hotel Tokyo plans to add nine Artist Rooms per year over the next three years to create an entire Artist Floor, totaling 31 rooms, as part of its Artist in Hotel project. Through this project the hotel endeavors to reach out to foreign guests who are interested in Japanese aesthetics and arts in order to help enhance their cultural experiences during their stay in Japan. It offers visitors an unforgettable opportunity to enjoy art from the comfort of their hotel room.

The creative idea follows the hotel’s concept of A/R/T, an acronym for Atrium, Restaurant, Travel – aiming to deliver the finest encounters in each of these experiences.

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