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The Destination Asia Website has a Fresh New Look

We have updated and made a number of improvements to the Destination Asia website. It is now far easier to navigate and find the information you need.

Our new and improved home page makes use of a dynamic layout with video and hyperlinked sections to direct users straight to relevant content. As our business is focused around three divisions; leisure, events and cruise, we have pulled these to the forefront. So whether you are an events planner, travel agent or cruise specialist, it’s possible with one click to find the details you need about Destination Asia’s services.

Learn more about the sales tools we have developed to assist your business and the dedicated websites built around your requirements for leisure, events and cruise.

We have also given each of our country landing pages a face-lift, presenting just three options: Discover, Meet the Team and Experience. Within Discover you can explore the country using an interactive map, download factsheets and open a fully interactive country ebook. On the Meet the Team page we introduce management from the destination while the Experience pages give a taste of what’s possible in Asia. We have also placed a permanent toolbar with our 11 represented countries at the top of the screen, so you can easily access specific country information at any time.

Our simplified website is extremely easy to navigate. Incorporating video content from our exclusive Destination Asia Video Suite, we bring our destinations to life, providing more ways to engage with Asia than ever before.

See our new-look website at www.destination-asia.com

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