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Destination Asia Group are Working with Habitat for Humanity to Build New Homes for the Underprivileged in Thailand

Group_CSRDestination Asia Group recently partnered with Habitat for Humanity to help in the construction of a new home for an underprivileged family in Central Thailand. The voluntary day of house building, part of Destination Asia’s ‘Giving Back’ CSR initiatives, resulted in more than 35 staff from head office joining together to move tons of sand, dig trenches and lay concrete blocks. The new 42 sqm home is now positioned adjacent to the existing 9 sqm corrugated iron structure where the 6-person family previously resided.

The team from Destination Asia, under the guidance of professionals from Habitat for Humanity, worked on all areas of construction, from the sinking of a cesspit to laying foundations and the construction of block walls. The day adopted a hands-on approach with everybody getting involved – including the new home owners and a friendly neighbor.

As Destination Asia expand their CSR initiatives across the continent, with 26 projects currently in motion, a focus has been placed upon empowering communities. Through the development of responsible tourism practices and working closely with the community, Destination Asia is supporting the creation of small economic enterprises to break the cycle of poverty in some of Asia’s most undeveloped communities. While focusing on education, training and building confidence among both women and men to better their lives, we are also working to build the framework of a self-functioning society that can operate on its own in the future. This involves a careful understanding of social situations and forging close working relationships so that traditional activities and distinct cultures are preserved.

The benefits of projects such as home building are immeasurable, and it was with great pride that Destination Asia handed over the documents to a new home. Along with this ownership comes the opportunity for economic and educational gains, while improving the family’s health and social integration.

As the complete structure of the house could not be completed within a day, Destination Asia sponsored the entire build which is fulfilled by professionals from Habitat for Humanity. We look forward to revisiting the house in the near future once complete and the family has moved in.

About Destination Asia:
Destination Asia is a comprehensive destination management company (DMC) specializing in East and Southern Asia based operations. We provide cutting-edge destination management services for; incentive houses, cruise lines, convention/exhibition and conference organizers, tour wholesalers and operators, corporate meeting planners, cultural and historical associations and business travel organizers. Since our establishment in 1996, the Destination Asia Group has grown to provide client-focused destination management services in all of its 11 destinations; Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos.

For further details and images, please contact:
David Andrews
Destination Asia Corporate Office
Group Marketing & Communications Director
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+66 (0)2127 5888 ext.5842

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