2234 SQ/M Ceramic Relief Built in Ha Long City

Following the record of the longest ceramic mural in the center of Ha Noi, another spectacular ceramic relief was depicted at the entry to Ha Long City where the spectacular Ha Long Bay is located. With the theme “Quang Ninh – Vietnam heritage and the world’s natural heritage”, a mural of 260 meters long was built from 56,000 individual pieces of colored pottery embedded on an 8-meter high sculpture.

The great artwork aimed to honor the value of global and Vietnamese heritages. The features include Ha Long Bay, Ha long City’s Welcome Gate and world wonders such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy), Sydney Opera House (Australia), Eiffel tower (France), Statue of Liberty (US), Pyramids (Egypt), etc. This magnificent mural can be seen as a part of the wonderful trip to World Natural Heritage site of Ha Long Bay.

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