Destination Japan Introduces New Responsible Products along Kunisaki Peninsula

Situated in northern Oita Prefecture and facing the Seto Inland Sea, the Kunisaki Peninsula is the perfect destination for getting off the beaten track and exploring a sustainable ecosystem maintained from generation to generation.

The 135 km Kunisaki-Hanto Minemichi Long Trail has been a sacred path for ascetic monks since the first temple was founded here 1,300 years ago. The founder is believed to be Ninmon, a legendary Buddhist saint and an incarnation of Hachiman, the god of war, who came to the Kunisaki Peninsula in 718 to establish a training facility for his mountain Buddhism sect.

Apart from its unique historical background, what attracts travellers and hikers nowadays are the undiscovered trails filled with lush natural sceneries. There are a variety of trail courses made available for beginners to the advanced depending on the level of challenge that one may desire.

Another hidden gem off the coast of Kunisaki is the quiet island of Himeshima, measuring just 7km from east to west and 4km north to south. Here locals have learned to live in harmony with the natural environment, developing and maintaining the unique ecosystem around them.

Destination Asia Japan’s new tours to the Kunisaki Peninsula offer visitors the chance to explore a fascinating culture situated amongst rugged trails filled with sceneries of craggy mountains, gigantic volcanic rocks, miniature shrines and breathtaking sea views. 

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