Annual Worship to the Kitchen God!

Influenced by Taoism, Vietnamese people annually worship to Kitchen Gods on the 23rd day of the twelfth Lunar Month which is usually one week before the traditional Tet holiday. Vietnamese believe that houses are guarded by three deities: Kitchen God, Deity of Land and House and Deity of Market. On this special day, the three Gods travel to Heavens to meet Jade Emperor and report all daily life that has taken place on earth during the past year. Delicacies such as sweet sticky rice, porridges, fruits or fresh flowers are prepared as offerings and laid on the table. Others believe that placing as many sweets onto tables as possible, will steer the Kitchen Gods to report only good things on earth. Those who believe in such deities also release golden carp into ponds, lakes or rivers as this is thought to symbolize the transfer of Kitchen Gods to the Heavens. For those in Vietnam at this time, it is an opportunity to experience a festival with cultural family traditions dating back many centuries.

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