Discover Lao Culture with The Bamboo Experience

There is hardly a natural material that can compete with bamboo in terms of versatility. Used for handicrafts, cooking, and the foundation for local Laotian games, bamboo forms an integral part of Lao culture.

The Bamboo Experience is a locally-run family business that aims to preserve the traditions and culture of Laos through unique, hands-on ‘experiences’. Held in a rustic pavilion modelled on a traditional Lao house and perched in a picturesque setting overlooking rice fields, each experience incorporates the versatile bamboo plant, Lao culture, and way of life.

A half-day bamboo weaving and cooking class with The Bamboo Experience see visitors receive an introduction to the importance of bamboo to Lao culture and how it is used in a range of household items found in rural Lao dwellings. A relaxing bamboo weaving activity allows guests to create their own bamboo mat using a centuries-old technique before taking part in an interactive cooking class using bamboo as the main ingredient.

The Bamboo Experience is equally committed to sustainable and responsible tourism practices. As part of their commitment, they work closely with local villagers in Ban Nasang to share skills and aid in community development, while also ensuring that Lao art and handicrafts are passed on to younger generations.

For more information, check out our Bamboo Weaving & Cooking Class – Half Day program on the Agent Hub.

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