An Anime Pilgrimage Through Tokyo

Japanese anime and manga (comics) are loved throughout the world and are considered equally as important to Japanese culture as the traditional arts. Destination Asia Japan offers a unique tour for fans of anime: from the classic giants that have shaped the industry – such as Studio Ghibli – to the recent hits that have firmly planted themselves in the memory of worldwide culture – Your Name.

Accompanied by a local guide, guests will have the chance to visit iconic locations in Tokyo to see this modern metropolis in a fantastic new light. From Shibuya to Shinjuku to Akihabara, Tokyo will show itself to not only to be a busy work district, but also a place where the wondrous happens in the most seemingly-innocuous locations.

Among our stops, guests will also have the chance to visit spots within Tokyo where famous anime scenes took place and try posing as the characters did for some envy-inducing shots!

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