Drawing Inspiration Around Singapore

An activity that takes guests off the beaten track in Singapore and could even awaken their inner artist. It begins in a very civilised manner, with drinks and a light bite to eat in a charming independent café. During this sit-down session, the guides talk their guests through some of the fundamental do’s and don’ts of drawing and sketching, and also give them a foretaste of the intriguing Chinatown neighbourhood they’re about to venture into.

Then, suitably nourished and equipped with sketchbooks and pencils, they stroll around the facades, streetscapes and hidden architectural surprises that are found in this very untouristy part of the island, stopping to try their hand at drawing whatever catches their eye. Of course, once complete, we can compare sketches and enjoy the creative fruits of each other’s labour!

This team-building activity last approximately 2.5 hours and can operate with anywhere from 5 to 20 pax with availability all year round.

For more details, reach out to our team at [email protected]

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