Enjoy a Traditional Kabuki Dinner Show

A brand new dining show has opened in the heart of Tokyo combining Japanese cuisine with traditional entertainment. Guests are treated to a delicious Western-Japanese buffet seated dinner with unlimited drinks included as they witness an authentic Kabuki show performed by experienced Kabuki actors. While shows at the theatre are often long and hard to understand, this carefully selected but still genuine program allows even Kabuki beginners to enjoy the performance. Explanations in English before the show also allow for a full understanding.

The show is performed by a troupe called Miyabiya, led by a professional kabuki actor called Iyemon. With the exception of four female dancers, all members of the troupe are former Kabuki professionals. Iyemon and another actor are dressed in full kabuki attire and perform the Renjishi dance. There is also a ninja vs samurai show, and a Japanese inspired dance show by the aforementioned ladies.

Guests can expect a very charismatic performance and explanation beforehand as the speaker engages the public to create an enjoyable and extremely memorable evening.

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