Soak Up The Benefits Of An Onsen

Japanese traditions never fail to excite travelers while finding a place within their heart. Whether it is the exquisite food, relaxed ambiance of meticulously manicured gardens or the endearing qualities of its people, Japan connects on a deep intrinsic level.

We have created a ‘Mountains and Monkeys’ tour that opens a cultural door to Japan while offering the ultimate relaxation therapy. Visiting a ‘spa street’, guests have access to nine public onsen (hot springs rich in health-giving minerals). Soaking in an onsen relaxes bathers by stimulating their parasympathetic nervous systems. When a bather is immersed up to their neck, their weight is reduced by 90 percent due to buoyancy, resulting in relief from physical strain.

Once revitalized and full of energy, we head to Jigokudani Yaen Koen to observe the famous Japanese macaque (snow monkey). These characterful Old World monkeys gather in large social groups and sit in the pools of boiling water. The area is nicknamed ‘hell’s valley’ after the great crevices and pools of steaming hot water.

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