Explore Flores & Komodo with Ananda Luxury Cruises

Destination Asia Indonesia invites you to explore the highlights of Flores without the hassle of traversing the island’s notoriously poor roads. Guests first fly into Ende to see the old house occupied by Indonesia’s founding President Sukarno during his years of exile. Then it’s a scenic two hour drive to Moni Village where you’ll spend the night at an eco-lodge with views of the nearby Kelimutu Volcano before hiking to its summit the next day for a spectacular sunrise overlooking the three crater lakes.

Then it’s time for your Ananda Luxury Cruise along Flores’ northern coastline to the Komodo National Park. Ananda is a splendid 28m wooden Phinisi schooner full of character with a delicately crafted wooden interior and beautiful billowing sails. Cruise in style on your own private charter boat, sail to the mesmerizing Riung Archipelago with its breathtaking 17-islands Marine Park to discover beautiful unspoiled beaches and traditional fishing villages. Explore hidden lagoons on a canoe and jump in the water at the best snorkeling spots in Toro Baso before reaching Komodo National Park.

Sit back, relax and admire the passing scenery as you sail through Komodo National Park, visiting famous sights such as Gili Lawa Darat, Makassar Reef and of course also Rinja and Komodo Islands to encounter the mighty dragons.

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