Former Yachtsman Develops J-Boat in Laos

Destination Asia Laos are now working with the former international yachting professional, Jason Deshay, who has built the first luxury private ‘J-boat’ motor yacht to service the Mekong River. Distinguished by carved double dragons above the wheelhouse, the Dok Kaew vessel is unlike anything ever seen before in Laos. Designed to meet the vigorous demands of the Mekong River, the elegant steel-hulled Dok Kaew is 28 meters in length with a beam of 2.6 meters. The shock-mounted, sound insulated 250hp marine diesel engine efficiently propels the craft through the rapids, whirlpools, twists and turns of the Mekong with ease. The interior has been meticulously designed and crafted by hand, with teak and mahogany hardwoods provide a touch of grandeur. A modern galley produces gourmet cuisine while two airy cabins offer deluxe double beds and private bathrooms. The vessel can accommodate four guess on overnight cruises and eight for day excursions.

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