Visit Cambodia’s Abandoned Royal Capital

Destination Asia Cambodia has created a spiritual experience connecting travelers with the divine lives of Buddhist monks and the innate beauty of Oudong’s natural landscape. During this program guests will visit the abandoned Royal Capital of Oudong ‘The City of Past Kings’. Several temples and religious structure dot the ridgeline and stupas containing the remains of several great Khmer Kings such as King Monivong and King Ang Duong can be found here. The summit of Phnom Oudong offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and is a favorite picnic spot for local residents. We join them as we enjoy an outdoor lunch served on top of the hill.

Following a walking tour of the area, each guest receives a personal blessing from a local monk during a traditional ceremony. The service includes sprinkling water and flowers over the group while chanting for 5 to 10 minutes. It is believed this traditional Khmer blessing ceremony cleanses bad spirits from the past and bestows good luck for the coming year. Visitors often talk of feeling renewed and relaxed after this memorable experience.

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