Handmade Memories in Yangon with Sein Nagar Glass Workshops

The Sein Nagar Glass Factory is a family-owned business that has been creating handmade glassware in Yangon for over 20 years. Initially working with plastics, the founder of Sein Nagar, meaning diamond dragon, began experimenting with glass and saw great potential in using discarded glass bottles bought from garbage collectors in Yangon to create unique handicrafts.

Bottles are first melted then blown into a mould to make each item a 100% recycled piece. These glass blowing techniques are often handed down within families and give each piece its own unique quality which cannot be matched by mass-produced glassware.

This is the first glass blowing experience in Myanmar, created to inspire creativity, respect and to grow the community. During a glass blowing workshop, visitors can try first-hand the art of mouth-blown glass production for mason jars and small glass bottles, before touring the onsite showroom of glassware. Later, guests will also have the opportunity to meet with the owner and family members and enjoy traditional drink and snacks.

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