Newly Opened Samui Elephant Sanctuary

Destination Asia Thailand is now working with the newly opened Samui Elephant Sanctuary, the very first elephant sanctuary on the island. The sanctuary operates along strict ethical guidelines, providing a safe haven for elephants that were either previously involved in the logging industry, or forced to work in poor conditions in the tourism trade. The welfare provided to elephants here was founded by Lek Chailert, world renowned elephant conservationist, founder of Save Elephant Foundation and the now famous Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai.

At the sanctuary visitors are only permitted to walk with and observe the elephants as they go about their natural daily routines.  By limiting human interaction, guests can stand back or sit quietly whilst observing the elephants from a distance – letting elephants, simply be elephants. Our half day program starts at the center with a video introduction, explaining the initial concept and objectives of the sanctuary. Following the preparation of food for the elephants, guests then walk with and observe them expressing their natural behavior, with the opportunity to take exceptional photos of the gentle giants.

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