Hotel Shirakabaso’s in Nagano Prefecture set for Grand Reopening

Destination Updates_JapanLocated in the mountain resort town of Kamikochi in Nagano Prefecture, Hotel Shirakabaso is encompassed by the Northern Japan Alps, providing guests with some of the best mountain scenery views in Japan. The main reason why Kamikochi is so picturesque is that it’s completely inaccessible by private car due to traffic regulations designed to preserve the environment. As such, the only way to reach this natural sanctuary is to travel by more eco-friendly options such bus which depart from nearby Takayama or Matsumoto. Additionally, this beautiful resort is open only from mid-April to mid-November as it shuts down during winter for environmental reasons. However, this limited accessibility is exactly what makes Kamikochi such a stunning setting. Here guests can explore beautiful pristine surroundings or invigorate themselves on a hike through expansive, undisturbed forests teeming with Japanese flora and fauna. The start of this year’s open season at Kamikochi marks Hotel Shirakabaso’s grand reopening. After 4 months of renovations, this hotel will open the doors to its on April 27, 2017. The rooms have been redesigned with two themes in mind: nature and tradition. These rooms feature wooden flooring created in the age-old Naguri-style that give the panels an attractive wave-like pattern and traditional tatami woven straw flooring.

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