Exploring Lantau by Land, Sea and Sky

Lantau Island is one of Hong Kong’s most popular destinations with hundreds of thousands of visitors exploring it each year. With awe inspiring scenery and views from the Big Buddha (Tian Taan), Po Lin Monastery and the quaint Tai O Fishing Village at the core of the “must see places” on the Island, you might ask yourself, “What else can I do here?”

The launch of the HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge comes a great opportunity for visitors to see this architectural feat up close – all in comfort on a luxury cruiser,  guests can sail around and under the Macau Bridge (where the road literally disappear into the water). The cruise lasts two hours, starting either in Central Pier 9 and finishing at Tai O Fishing Village for lunch (onward journey by coach and cable car), or we can offer the program in reverse. This Cruiser addition to our standard Lantau tour now provides a multi-level experience for guests, alongside the Cable Car views from above and a coach journey taking you over the hill tops guests are getting a hattrick of land, sea and air in one day!

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