Local Balinese Life

Activity_Indonesia700x459This is a great opportunity to reward your top achievers with an experiential Balinese excursion. This exceptional incentive program allows guests the chance to meet and interact with local people and join in with their daily activities.

The day starts with a trip to the vibrant food market where we buy a selection of delicious fruits to prepare at our private Balinese-style house. Along with the fruit, guests can sample a selection of traditional Balinese cakes. Following breakfast we take a short walk to the nearby school to participate in some friendly games with the schoolchildren, helping them improve their language skills as we learn about their daily life in Bali. Farming is also a major part of Balinese life and we gain a hands-on experience after the school visit. In a local rice field we learn all about the growing process and the intense labor involved in its production. Lunch is then prepared and served in the middle of the rice field with a traditional Gamelan musical performance taking place.

To create a truly memorable experience, guests are taken on a journey along the coastline in classic convertible Volkswagen cars. We stop at sites of interest such as Celuk and Mas to admire ornate stone carvings and delicate silverwork.

This incentive program allows guests to connect with Bali on a much deeper level by becoming involved in their day to day lives.

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