Bugs Café Full of Creepy Delights

A new eatery simply named ‘Bugs Café’ has opened in Siem Reap to satisfy a desire for innovatively served insects –a snack commonly found across Asia. The recently opened café specializes in ‘insect tapas’, with former Casa Angkor Hotel operations manager Marjolaine Blouzard at the helm as co-owner of the establishment.

Responding to a growing demand from travelers looking for a single place to taste various insects, the café was set up and now serves everything from feta and tarantula samosas to Mediterranean feuilletés with ants, as well as dishes where the grubs are clearly on display. The green papaya salad is garnished with whole scorpions marinated in honey, ginger and lime juice. Making sure the dishes aren’t too scary, they also serve savory cupcakes and Danish pastries with them inside so the brain doesn’t make a visual connection.

Bugs Café offer a wide variety of insects prepared using traditional methods and modern cooking styles. The dishes are then pleasantly presented in a welcoming and friendly environment. The café also has an extensive cocktail and shake list to wash down the creepy crawlies.

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