Major Repair Work Following Flooding on Penang Island

After recent heavy rains on Penang Island, the Penang State Government is actively repairing damaged areas.

At 2:30 am on Sunday 5 November, heavy rains caused significant flooding on Penang Island. This was most likely a result of Typhoon Damrey which swept across Vietnam, owing to the continuous rain and coupled with the high tide. Many homes were flooded with water levels reaching as high as four meters, leading to multiple landslides, power outages and traffic congestion, and resulting in main roads closing across the island. A small number of people were relocated to the flood relief center to provide temporary shelter. Due to the landslides, some of the iconic local sights (namely, the coastal road known as Balik Pulau and the funicular railway track) are undergoing major repairs. It’s predicted these attractions/areas will be open by the end of December 2017.

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