Bus Substitution on Railway to Mt. Koya

Mt. Koya is a popular spiritual destination in Japan, located deep inside the Wakayama prefecture, south of Osaka. It is normally reached via express train and cable car from Osaka. Recent typhoons, however, have damaged a section of the railway line between the stations Koyashita and Gokurakubashi.

Nankai Electric Railway estimates that it will take about 6 months to repair the line. In the meantime, the company is operating substitution buses between Hashimoto Station (midway on the line) and Mt. Koya. The bus takes approximately 90 minutes to reach Mt. Koya from Hashimoto Station, but on weekends and during autumn leaves season, we expect the road to be more crowded with likely traffic jams.

At Destination Asia Japan, we are currently maintaining contact with our clients who have a journey to Mt. Koya planned, providing information and solutions. We will inform our partners as soon as we have any news about the full reopening of the line.

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