Hiking to Mui Wo in Search of Silver Mine Waterfall

Our team in Hong Kong is looking ahead to when tourism returns and have been busying themselves exploring new outdoor activities, including a day trip that involves an enjoyable hike on Lantau Island.

The program kicks off with a 40-minute ride by Lantau Bus or ferry from Central to arrive at Mui Wo, located on Silver Mine Bay. As it’s almost lunchtime we fuel up at a local favourite restaurant or drop into the legendary food market here.

The highlight has to be the journey to Silver Mine Waterfall. The pathway is relatively flat and mostly paved so is ideal for the older traveller or those with children. Starting from the pier promenade, guests are taken via the 5 Cents Bridge towards Silver Mine Beach. It only takes around 40 minutes and includes visits to the Man Mo Temple and a beautiful village named “Pak Ngan Heung” translated as “White Silver Village”, before reaching the Silver Mine Waterfall.

There is plenty to keep guests entertained once they arrive in Mui Wo too. Simply enjoy the inviting beach or sit down to a nice cold refreshment in front of the Silver Mine Beach before heading back to the city.

Note that there is currently a compulsory 14-day quarantine requirement in place for fully vaccinated international travellers visiting Hong Kong. For more details visit our Travel Recovery site by clicking here.

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