Walking the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hill

Discover the beauty and recent immersive developments taking place at Ba Na Hill in Danang. Investment projects have led to a funicular, world record breaking cable car over 5000m long and the Golden Bridge, held by giant stone hands. Our experience kicks off with breathtaking views as we look across the surrounding forests from our cable car as it covers a 5000m stretch from the foot of the hills to its peak. At the peak sits the impressive Golden Bridge, a 150m pedestrian bridge that almost loops back on itself and appears to rest on two giant stone hands. Stepping down from the bridge visitors can explore immaculately kept flower gardens, a nearby pagoda and Shakyamuni Buddhist statue.

For those with energy left to burn, they can ascend to 1487m, the highest point of Ba Na Hills where a Bell Tower and Nghinh Phong Tower can be explored.

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