Traditional Balinese Wedding Ceremony

Asia Talk-indoAprilDestination Asia Indonesia can now organize a full wedding ceremony complete with a highly respected local Brahman (Priest), and on-looking villagers who add to the occasion and atmosphere. The wedding takes place in an authentic Balinese compound, surrounded by beautifully lush gardens complete with coconut palms and colorful tropical flowers. The ceremony can mark an anniversary, vow renewals or simply be a wedding with a difference. A local make-up artist will help prepare the bride and groom in typical Balinese marriage outfits. The ceremony is then conducted in the afternoon by a Brahman priest and accompanied by Balinese flower girls, a full Gamelan orchestra and dancers.

A professional photographer will accompany the couple throughout the day, with a photo book provided as a special momento. Please note that this is not a legal wedding ceremony.

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