Refurbished Luxury Motor Yacht ‘Michelangelo’ Ready to Go!

Sailing season has returned to Hong Kong, but if you’re looking for something with a little more character and history than the average white, sun-soaked luxury cruiser available for rental these days, consider a trip aboard the newly refurbished Michelangelo. This dark teak and mahogany beauty has been making loops around Hong Kong’s islands since 1994.

Having just been restored, the 80-foot-long vessel is a classic motor yacht that can accommodate a party of up to 60 passengers, but also makes for a sensational cruise for a smaller group. The dark wood look is complemented by brass and copper touches, creating a classic, timeless look.

The whole vessel is also equipped with multi-zone air conditioning and heating, which means it’s available for you to cruise all year round. It’s also equipped with WiFI, a karaoke system and a DJ or jazz band is available on request.

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