A Team-building Alternative to the Amazing Race in Bangkok

Taking place on foot, this half-day team building activity is based around adventure and discovery and encourages participants to work together, solving clues and unravelling riddles. New routings through Bangkok are being added to the GoSnoop program which uncovers local delights and can be fully customized to align with specific company values. Each program starts with an introduction and the rules explained (there are optional languages). Then with a GoSnoop handbook, participants roam the city according to their findings and under local staff guidance. Any ideas for special missions can be embedded to the program – in similar style to the Amazing Race.

Team members must utilize various skills to solve the mystery, connecting the storyline and forming the case scenario like a real detective. Final scores are calculated from the answer sheets, with a winner usually announced at a designated location at the end of activity.

The activity requires a minimum of 2.5 hours game play. A minimum of 9 people and maximum of 60 is recommended.

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