Exploring the Seto Inland Sea and Surroundings by Bicycle

On this adventurous three-day break, visitors jump on a bike and depart on an unforgettable journey passing over the bridges to cross two island trails in the stunning Seto Inland Sea. Blessed with breathtaking scenery, a mild climate and fertile land allowing an abundance of fresh produce to be harvested, riders are treated to a visual feast. An expert cycling guide leads the way for your small group (each group to include a maximum of 6 people) and a van follows behind in case anyone feels tired and decides to continue the journey in the vehicle.

Onomichi is characterized by its undulating terrain around which the town is spread. Many of the town’s attractions are located along its narrow lanes which visitors can explore. It’s great fun walking up and down the sloping lanes that cut through the residential areas to find local temples and other hidden gems!

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