An Angkorian Adventure in Siem Reap

Destination Asia Cambodia has created an exceptional, in-depth experience of the Angkor Wat complex that simply can’t be found in any off-the-shelf brochure. Our team has spent a great deal of time on the ground researching the most enlivening methods to discover the breathtaking Angkorian complex. Our ‘Hike and Bike’ experience takes guests on off-road paths through the surrounding jungle countryside to reveal stunning vistas and viewpoints very few tourists ever have the fortune to see. At any point we can park our bikes and take to walking on foot through resplendent temples, around remote villages and along sugar palm dotted rice paddies. Our program takes travelers further afield than most other tours, into picturesque settlements and smaller temple ruins. We finish the adventurous itinerary with lunch inside an ancient temple, relaxing while enjoying the striking views across the Khmer landscape.

It is possible to tailor this program to any client’s desires. Additional add-ons might include a helicopter ride over the Angkor Wat complex. This can take place at the end of the day, allowing guests to enjoy a day’s cycling and hiking before returning home in style with a bird’s eye views of the ancient landscape below. We can even organize a champagne lunch inside the temple walls for a touch of luxurious Asian elegance.

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