Asia’s First Adventure Travel World Summit to be Held in Japan

Scheduled to be held online from 20-24 September 2021 in Hokkaido under the theme “Kyōsei”, the Adventure Travel World Summit (AWTS) focuses on Japan’s wild island of Hokkaido and explores adventure travel’s role in maintaining the balance of Kyōsei for many more years to come.

A traditional Ainu concept, Kyōsei stands for “symbiosis” or “in harmony with nature” and is a type of mutually beneficial nurturing where nature brings life to humanity and humanity returns care for nature. For thousands of years, the Ainu people have understood their role in Kyōsei, preserving their homeland as a place where nature is valued and species, both large and small, are revered and respected.

The four-day program will be shared twice; based on your time zone, some delegates will be able to participate in live breakout sessions and workshops, while some will watch the recordings of those sessions. All participatory Round Table sessions will take place live, and everyone will be able to access plenary sessions regardless of time zone due to the repeated broadcast of each plenary. Marketplace and Media Connect will occur during set times for live pre-arranged meetings to take place in a variety of time zones in order to cater to a global audience. Additional meetings between delegates can also be scheduled and held around the clock for the duration of the week on the virtual event platform.

For more information on adventure tourism in Japan, get in touch with our Destination Asia Japan travel experts at [email protected].

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