Brazilian Bank Incentive Tour of Tokyo & Kyoto

Group: 55 guests from Brazil requesting a high end, no compromise experience in visiting the modern metropolis of Tokyo and the old capital of Kyoto.

The planning of this incentive group was particularly challenging – especially where dining and gala dinner venues were concerned. Japan is known to have a rigid structure in place with traditionally early closing times for restaurants and gala venues. The Japanese tend to eat dinner early (6pm – 8pm), and our client did not want to adjust the eating times for guests, opting for a non-compromise approach with dinners starting later in the evening at around 9pm or so – more typical of Latin America. Destination Asia Japan had to use their close contacts at both restaurants and gala venues to ensure the specific needs of the client could be met. This involved the challenge of sourcing a traditional Japanese gala venue in Kyoto that was able to cater to a group wanting to party past midnight with traditional Japanese drumming as entertainment.

From the site inspection to the execution of the final event, our attention to detail had to be meticulous. Our experienced team was able to deliver the incentive just as the client desired; and the guests left Japan with a glowing impression of what the country has to offer.

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