Colorful Street Art in Sukhothai Old Town

Sukhothai (meaning “Dawn of Happiness”) is a city packed with historical, cultural and natural charm. The first capital of Thailand is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites: Sukhothai, Kamphaeng Phet and Si Satchanalai historical parks, where fascinating archaeological ruins and objects tell the story of the Kingdom’s past. Many guests travelling overland to the North of Thailand make a stop at the well-known Sukhothai Historical Park to explore its myriad temples and ruins.

More recently, Sukhothai welcomed artists from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia to create spectacular street art on the walls of buildings in Sawankhalok, the district’s old Chinese community. This area is well known for the Sangkhalok ceramic wares, an ancient Thai traditional coating ceramic specifically derived from the Sukhothai kingdom period. Decorated with traditional motif, the colorful paintings they created reflect the ‘pop culture’ of today, covering food, fashion, art, literature, music, sports, media and lifestyle activities. Visitors can now stop at this neighborhood to admire the pleasantly contrasting modern and older wall paintings.

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