Cycling into the Heart of the Khmer Community

Asia Talk-cambodia Nov16This half day cycling adventure is a journey through time and landscapes of heart-warming splendor. Our relaxed bike ride starts in a village just outside of Phnom Penh where the pace of life is slow, the fields are awash with vivid green pastures and historical remnants scatter the land. Navigating our way along winding lanes we make stops at local shophouses to greet locals, learn about small farming communities and begin to feel a part of the Khmer community ourselves. In a district named Sa Ang we board a small boat with our bikes and head up the Mekong River. Fisherman cast their nets form the banks while others wait patiently in their long tail boats, sheltering from the sun under makeshift covers. As lunchtime approaches we find ourselves at Tul Rea Chea Temple with its enormous Buddha stature towering overhead, one of the most famous temples in this corner of Cambodia. Our morning of adventure draws to a finish with a tasty lunchbox served at a nearby villager’s house, where we sit down and share our morning encounters.

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