Explore Padar Island with Splendour Charters

Once home to three different species of the mighty Komodo dragon, Padar Island is still inhabited by a remarkable array of wildlife, including sharks, manta rays, green turtles, dolphins and occasionally even whales reside in its surrounding ocean.

The third largest island within the Komodo National Park boasts a unique combination of colourful beaches. A black-sanded beach of volcanic origin, the pink beach which mixes pulverized red coral into its white sand as well as several white-sand beaches framed by bizarre rock formations and turquoise waters.

Discover this Jurassic-like scenery with Splendour Charters, a luxurious pleasure yacht offering three wonderful cabins to comfortably accommodate up to 8 guests. She offers several areas to lounge in and be taken care of by the able crew. A range of activities are available to satisfy all ages and customised voyages have been carefully crafted to discover the most spectacular scenery and untouched wildlife around Indonesian waters.

Choose from specially designed bespoke voyages – or opt for one of the weekly join-in cruises of two or five nights to explore the incredible Komodo National Park.

This product and associated factsheet for Splendour Charters are available on our Agent Hub.

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