Destination Asia Vietnam Introduces Sustainable Welcome Pack

Destination Asia Vietnam has partnered with Organik House, a zero-waste shop in Ho Chi Minh City to create a ‘sustainable welcome pack’ with essential toiletries for travellers. The products featured are almost all locally sourced, with traceable natural ingredients that are easy to pronounce and suitable for sensitive skin. The pack can be tailored according to each customer’s needs and preferences.

Products available include artisanal cruelty-free soaps, handmade shampoo bars, plant-based sunscreen, toothpaste, bamboo toothbrushes, essential oil-based mosquito repellent, reusable net bags, reusable bamboo straws, straw brushes, and small drawstring bags for storing toothbrushes and straws. Optional extras include conditioner bars, Q tips and Q tips bag and all-natural lip balm.

By purchasing a pack, travellers can reduce single-use plastic waste and limit the negative impact on the environment, including marine life with a coral friendly sunscreen. Convenience is also key with a lot less to pack before the trip and not having to worry about liquids allowance.

For more information on our sustainable welcome pack, visit the Agent Hub.

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