Discover the Legend Behind the Diwali Festival Lights

There are numerous legends that seek to explain why Deepavali – also referred to as Diwali – is known as the Festival of Lights. Perhaps the best-known concerns three Hindu deities: Laxmana, Rama, and Sita. After 14 years in exile fraught with danger, they found their way back to their home in Ayodhya. To welcome their arrival, the villagers laid out lights to illuminate their path; Deepavali translates as “row of lights”. Based on the Hindu lunar calendar, Deepavali takes place on 24 October this year in Singapore, but the lights start to go up and the excitement starts building well in advance. Celebrations of light, colour, fireworks, and feasting are concentrated on five days around that key date, but the lights outside celebrants’ home and other manifestations can be seen for some while before and after, especially in Singapore’s Little India district.

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