Exploring Bangkok On Foot

For those who yearn to dig deeper into Thai culture rather than follow the crowds.

Walking tours of Bangkok are few and far between. While they offer a great way to associate with the city’s enthralling sights – the unforgiving traffic and heat often jumps to the mind’s forefront. However, there is no denying that our expertly devised ‘Diversity and Harmony Walking Tour’ through Thonburi in Bangkok provides an unrivalled understanding of the area’s past that is simply not achievable by any other means. For those visitors who want to gain a deeper understanding of Thai culture and its diversity besides simply visiting the places listed in a guide book, this walking tour ticks every box.

People associate Bangkok and Thailand with Buddhism, yet it is a city where many cultures and beliefs coexist side by side in harmony. The tour visits a stretch of the riverbank where several ethnic communities reside, surrounded by glistening Thai temples extending skyward. Passing Chinese shrines, churches and mosques, our cultural walk explores the diversity of local groups and their beliefs, revealing how these communities still celebrate various traditions today. The prime time to embark on our walking tour is early morning so we can finish at a local flower market and the air temperature is cooler. Afternoon tours can be accommodated but be aware that midday temperatures can get quite high.

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