Singapore’s 50th Anniversary of Independence

The year 2015 is Singapore’s 50th anniversary of independence with celebrations taking place throughout the year to mark this momentous occasion. To guide and coordinate plans for the 50th anniversary celebrations, a Singapore50 (SG50) Steering Committee has been formed, led by Singapore’s Minister for Education. Visitors can take part in a number of jubilant festivals to celebrate the island’s distinct culture and heritage, each designed to give back to the community from where its inspiration was formed.

Examples of installations already running for the Golden Jubilee include the Art Connector – a new aesthetic sheltered walkway that starts from City Hall MRT and continues along North Bridge Road to the entrance of the National Gallery Singapore. The year 2015 will see a great celebration of identity in Singapore and is an excellent time for visitors to join with locals as they celebrate, reflect and look towards the future in one of Asia’s most pioneering destinations.

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