Siem Reap’s Giant Puppet Parade

Siem Reap never loses its magic – in fact, for second and third time visitors the experience only gets better as you see and experience more than the stunning wonders of Angkor. The town is home to a creative youth, glorious restaurants, quaint shops and a relaxed, infectious atmosphere that finds a place in your heart.

The Giant Puppet Parade takes place on the last Saturday of February each year and is an excellent opportunity for travelers to witness the artistic side of Siem Reap and the product of its talented youth. Our tailored program created by Destination Asia Cambodia begins with a guided art gallery tour to three local shows that are testament to the thriving art scene. These cater to all artistic tastes including photography, stone carving, painting and sculpting. From here your private tuk tuk will take you to ‘Sala Bai Hotel and Restaurant School’ for a delicious lunch. The establishment was created by the French NGO ‘Agir pour le Cambodge’, which is dedicated to helping young Cambodians from underprivileged families gain an education.

Now in its 7th year the show has become a highlight for celebrating the town’s creative achievements. The roots of the event combine a long cultural heritage with raising awareness for Cambodia youth artistic development. This enlightening program seamlessly combines socially responsible activities with exciting leisure and educational features – creating a fulfilling experience for any traveller.

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